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Hilary Gomes
Belmont, California
Artist Hilary Gomes draws inspiration from her visits to Filoli Gardens to create a series of sunlit rose paintings. Capturing the ephemeral beauty of blooming flowers serves as a metaphor for life, love, and family, says Hilary. She incorporates traditional French and Flemish methods with contemporary techniques to express transient nature and emotions. Hilary received her MFA in Painting and serves as the chair of the Department of Art at a college in Los Altos, California. She alternately works in her art studio on the first floor of her house and in her backyard, both of which provide her with the company of nature. When she's not painting, Hilary loves spending time with her children, practicing mindfulness, and traveling to California beach towns with her family.
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Artist Statement

Inspired by the sunlit beauty of roses, my art captures the vibrant colors and textures of these blooming flowers. Residing in the California Peninsula, I find creative energy in the invigorating atmosphere of the Filoli Gardens in Woodside. Through my series of paintings, I aim to convey the ephemeral nature of life, love, and family using the metaphor of blooming roses.

Artist Background

The Cooper Union
Bachelor of Fine Arts, 1997
University of Iowa
Master of Fine Arts, 2001
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