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Heidi Hybl
Carmel, California
Artist Heidi Hybl starts each day listening to the birds sing in the canyon near her home in Big Sur. Then, she makes a cup of tea, reviews the previous day’s work, turns on her podcasts and starts. She paints in a small studio that is separate from her house, and works on several pieces at a time within what she would call “organized chaos.” She also takes time to tend her flowers, vegetables, chickens and goats. A former medical professional, Heidi worked for several years with laser machines, developing a knowledge and a fascination with the color spectrum and light. Living in Big Sur offers inspiration in the ever-changing atmospheric conditions that arise when hills, canyons, and ocean meet. She then reduces these elements to an abstract experience on canvas in a color palette derived from her surroundings: sunsets and storms, fire and fog.
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Artist Statement

I live on the Big Sur Coast of California. This environment informs my work. I observe cycles of growth, decay, and regeneration on a grand scale. As is everyone who comes here, I am seduced by what I see, but I am also probing for the inner logic of the natural world, the blueprint that lies beneath the surface of what I observe.

My imagery is abstracted landscape. Not complying to a strict recreation of the visual field that is before me, abstraction allows me the freedom to reinterpret the subject matter as I experience it, describing not the object, but the effect it produces. I give special importance to shape, motion, color, and especially light.

I am interested in evoking what I experience through all of my senses. With that in mind I listen, sketch, smell, draw, paint and contemplate what I experience while I am present in this landscape. As I work I pay attention to the paint itself, as well as the layered surface of each piece. I exploit chance occurrences of the painting process in an effort to let each piece speak for itself. I look for contrasts that do battle and quit working when the opposing elements reach their dynamic equilibrium.
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