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George Peebles
Grand Rapids, Michigan
Artist George Peebles paints atmospheric displays of panoramic landscapes and integrates whimsical abstractions as compelling spectacles. Breathtaking combinations of brilliant hues and rich gradients map out his introspective compositions. “My art is a reflection of the place inside each of us where we connect to nature,” says George. He paints each stroke with an inward expression of his emotions, painting from memory. George finished his BA at Kendall College of Art Design but remains to see his practice as a lifetime learning process. Born with red/green colorblindness, he expresses his unique perception through avant-garde approaches. His new concepts and ideas come alive at his home studio in Michigan as he draws inspiration from electric moments within his environment. Outside the studio, he works as a chef at a local hospital, where he gets to share his art and illuminate everyone's day.
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Artist Statement

Art is my lifelong expression, a journey from within. I paint atmospheric panoramas, weaving whimsical abstractions into captivating scenes. Brilliant hues and rich gradients map out my introspective compositions, each stroke reflecting the inner connection we share with nature. Born colorblind, my avant-garde approach brings a unique perspective to my creations. Drawing inspiration from electric moments, my concepts come alive in my Michigan home studio. Beyond art, I serve as a hospital chef, sharing creativity and brightening everyone's day. My art extends into healthcare spaces, surpassing borders, connecting with a worldwide audience, and shaping the artistic landscape.

Artist Background

Kendall College of Art and Design
Bachelor of Fine Arts, 1985
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