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František Florian
Stará Ríše, Czech Republic, Czech Republic
Artist František Florian paints colorful abstract expressionist figures. He articulates his repertoire with a range of output in neo-expressionism, cubism, and surrealism. Without a formal art education, he found his own artistic expressions through personal explorations. I was born into an artistic family, says František. My first steps in art were guided by my grandfather. As a teenager, he admired the simplicity and truthfulness of African sculptures especially after meeting his Ghanan friend, Ali, at fifteen. This impact continues to inform his art. Today, František's work is in many permanent collections both accessible by the public, but most hang in private homes all over the world. When he's not painting in his garage studio, František enjoys running, as well as playing soccer and tennis.
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Artist Statement

I love painting; my art speaks my thoughts and feelings. Picasso initially influenced me, and now, I draw inspiration from African and contemporary art, along with Matisse, Basquiat, and Haring. Each painting is unique, like the diverse world.


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