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Faye Vander Veer
Virginia Beach, Virginia
Artist Faye Vander Veer seeks out moments with engaging narratives and captures them with an impressionist style. Her dramatic use of color, texture, light and shadow lend a glowing quality, creating an energy all their own. While using her own photographs as a general reference, it is her sensory memory of the event and her emotional reaction that is conveyed on the canvas, causing the viewer to be transported to another time and place. “Painting becomes a language I use to express my emotional response to what is before me and share my experience of the subject with others,“ says Faye.
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Artist Statement

I've been painting with oils since the tender age of ten when my father crafted my very first easel. My artistic journey was ignited by the profound works of John Singer Sargent and the Impressionist movement, and it quickly transformed into my lifelong passion.

To me, each canvas represents a voyage into the depths of the soul—a chance to delve into my emotions evoked by the colors and light I encounter in our everyday existence. Armed with a trusty camera, I perpetually observe people as they navigate their daily lives. I witness the beauty in the seemingly mundane, envisioning the world as a living canvas. From the simple sight of a young girl strolling with her father through Italy to a girl pedaling her bicycle along the Seine in Paris, each moment holds a hint of narrative drama that I strive to capture. My paintings are my way of allowing the world to speak through me.

My artistic style is defined by a bold interplay of color, texture, light, and shadow, casting an ethereal glow that seems to emanate from the very depths of the soul. While I often use my own photographs as a loose reference, the sensory memories of these moments and the emotional resonance they stir within me find their expression on the canvas. In doing so, I aim to transport viewers to different times and places, inviting them to share my emotional connection with the subject.

For me, painting is a language—a means to convey my heartfelt response to the world around me and to share my unique experiences with others.
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