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Dwight Smith
Bradenton, Florida
Artist Dwight Smith creates realistic watercolor paintings with narratives that evoke a familiar and comforting sense of kitsch and Americana. His works often feature everyday items portrayed with a playful and humorous twist, characterized by a strong graphic style that lends them a pop art feel. Through skillful manipulation of scale and composition, Dwight brings out a sense of the absurd, ultimately aiming to bring a smile to the viewer's face. Drawing strength from his faith allows him to see art in ordinary objects. It has kept me going and has been my inspiration, says Dwight. He works in a small yet tidy studio, where he brings his artistic visions to life on his desk, illuminated by the bright glow of lamps. Outside of painting, Dwight enjoys biking, hiking, and spending quality time with his wife.
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Artist Statement

I draw inspiration from the timeless still-life paintings of Wayne Thiebauld and the collective works of Edward Hopper. My creative journey is deeply rooted in my faith in God and my relationship with Jesus Christ, enabling me to perceive art in the ordinary objects that shape our daily lives. My paintings and illustrations, crafted in a realist style, often weave a narrative that speaks to the human experience.

Artist Background

Columbus College of Art and Design
Bachelor of Fine Arts, 1980
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