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Drew Noel Marin
Romeo, Michigan
Boundlessly inspired by the beauty of nature, artist Drew Noel Marin paints imaginative sceneries in harmonious color. She carefully synthesizes impressionism and abstraction in her distinctive style. “My intention is to emote wonder and peace through free-flowing brushstrokes and soft movements of color,” says Drew. Growing up in an artistic atmosphere, she was allowed to discover many avenues to explore and foster her creativity. Her work displays many different emotions experienced throughout her life, illuminating its uniqueness. Once Drew starts a painting, she gains a burning desire to accomplish it. The urge keeps her going as thought and vision simply come to her while working. Her boutique studio lies in her garage, where natural light, fresh air, and music freely flows. When resting her creativity, she enjoys outdoor walks and being in the moment with her family.
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Artist Statement

My artwork is a dance between two ethereal worlds, abstract and impressionistic. I combine texture and color creating unique imaginative landscapes and seascapes, endlessly inspired by nature's beauty. I am naturally drawn to color, especially the analogous harmonious. I intend to emote peace and wonder through free-flowing brushstrokes and soft movements of color.

Growing up, I was always interested in the arts, and creating was encouraged throughout my childhood and adult life. Being in this artistic atmosphere allowed me to discover many possible avenues in which I could explore my creativity. Color combination and blending are illuminated throughout my artwork giving it its unique stamp. My favorite medium is acrylics on canvas. I am grateful every day to be able to do what I love along with being a mother, together striving to be the best I can be.

Artist Background

High School Diploma, 2006
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