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Doug Cosbie
Ottawa, ON, Canada
Artist Doug Cosbie presents the vibrancy found in nature with his impressionist, rural architecture centered artwork. Longing to create something that connects with people, Cosbie spent countless years perfecting how he portrays the world on canvas. Within his journey, he studied as an apprentice in the studios of Sam Black and Jack Shadbolt. As a plein air artist, Doug's studio is a portable pochade box. He begins by finding a location that speaks to him, makes a sketch, and continues to add depth and dimension with oil on canvas. Creativity when making art is not about interpreting exactly as you see it. New ideas are formed by interesting contrasts, and interesting paintings happen when things are out of place. In the rare cases when he is not painting, you can find him reading, traveling, sailing, and spending quality time with his family. Cosbie's creations have been showcased at galleries in Canada. He is an alumnus of Emily Carr University of Art and Design in Vancouver, British Columbia.
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Artist Statement

Much of my art is made en plein air — works created on location. These on-site renderings capture the vibrancy, look, and feel of that time and place, which is difficult to achieve in a studio. While these outdoor paintings are finished works in their own right, many are later used as reference for larger studio canvases. Working primarily in professional grade oils, this is well suited to the outdoors. With a higher pigment count than other mediums, it produces rich and luminous colors, resulting in amazingly vibrant paintings. My artistic education spans the Winnipeg School of Art and the Vancouver School of Art (now the Emily Carr Institute of Art and Design). I briefly contributed to Canada's largest advertising firm, Maclaren, during the golden age of advertising, witnessing the launch of iconic campaigns. My artistic journey includes apprenticeships under Sam Black and Jack Shabolt, whose influence stemmed from a prolific output and a continual evolution in their creative approach while maintaining a distinct style. This mentorship exposed me to other painters, some recognized as landscape genre masters despite primarily working in commercial art. What set them apart was their commitment to fine art as a form of contemporary self-expression. I share this objective, aiming to create art that resonates with people, offering contemporary works characterized by a distinctive and recognizable style.

Artist Background

Emily Carr University of Art & Design
Visual Arts, 1976
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