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Diana Elena Chelaru
Tappan, New York
Artist Diana Chelaru paints colorful expressionist interpretations of human emotion. “Art is a means of communication, it is how I express my thoughts, hopes, regrets, and joys,” says Diana. She experiments with working on large-scale paintings using the visual language of form, lines, and color to create compositions that exist only in her imagination. Growing up in Romania, she draws inspiration from Byzantine mosaics as well as Gustav Klimt’s subject matter and use of decorative patterns. She received her BFA in Painting from George Enescu Art University and finished her MA in Art History from Queens College. Diana simply goes with the flow rather than dwelling on the formulaic process. It all depends on how and what she feels at the moment. She indulges in music while she creates her work.
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Artist Statement

At an early age, I began studying art with original artists from the Eastern part of Romania. Over the years my style was influenced by Byzantine art's abstract and anti-naturalistic character, Van Gogh's bold and symbolic colors and Klimt's use of decorative patterns and his subject matter. I experiment with working at a large scale using the visual language of form, color, and line to create compositions that exist only in my imagination. I express myself through large-scale works, using form, color, and line to bring compositions from my imagination to life. Each piece is a journey into the depths of my creativity. My creative process is fluid and intuitive. I let my mood guide me, sometimes embracing vibrant colors, and other times opting for strong contrasts. Whether it's oils or enamels, each medium offers a unique way to convey my emotions and ideas. Ultimately, my art is a reflection of my ever-changing inner world.

Artist Background

Queens College CUNY
Master of Arts, 2007
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