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David Forks
Del Rio, Texas
Artist David Forks captures the serene beauty of Texas Trans-Pecos landscapes in his evocative artworks, focusing on the Big Bend region and the Hill Country. His works range from intricate details to loose and spontaneous brushstrokes. After his brother's passing and a profound encounter with mortality, David reflected on the fleeting nature of time and made a courageous decision to pursue his passion. I quit my job as a designer and illustrator in Houston and moved to the small, slow-paced border town of Del Rio, Texas, where I am now living my dream, says David. He operates from his home studio filled with books, cameras, and computer equipment, occasionally venturing outdoors to paint. In his spare time, he enjoys road trips, housekeeping chores, and binge-watching movies.
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Artist Statement

I have seen the light, and now I paint it. My lifelong dream has been to paint for a living. It is my vocation and my lifeblood. Now that my children have grown and I have become a grandfather, the time to make that dream a reality is here. My favorite subjects are scenes of the Texas Trans-Pecos, including the Big Bend region and the Texas Hill Country. Mainly a landscape painter, I find inspiration in God's creations everywhere.


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Artistic journey of landscape passion
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