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Darlene McElroy
Santa Fe, New Mexico
Artist Darlene McElroy weaves textural surfaces, found objects, and rich symbolism to create a visual tapestry. "Creating a painting is like doing a puzzle; it is a matter of finding the right pieces," says Darlene. Her works delve into the imagery of man's primal origins, sins, and religious conflicts, inviting viewers to uncover multiple stories within each piece. A Southern California native with roots in a long line of New Mexico artists and musicians, Darlene's artistic vision is profoundly shaped by her Hispanic upbringing. With her three dogs by her side, Darlene works in her home studio, filled with natural light pouring in through the windows. Beyond her art, Darlene explores new techniques, writes art books, and hikes with her pets.
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Artist Statement

My mixed media paintings are a reflection of my vision as an artist. I delve into themes such as man's primal origins, sins, and religious conflicts, creating imagery that's both sensuously primitive and surprisingly sophisticated.

I weave textural surfaces and incorporate found objects and rich symbolism to invite viewers into a visual realm where color serves as an atmospheric veil for my personal myths.

I'm a Southern California native, hailing from a family of artists and storytellers in New Mexico. The summers I spent on my family's ranch in Santa Fe deeply influenced my art, painting the rich tapestry of Hispanic life into my work.

I call Santa Fe home, where I continue to draw inspiration from the skies, colors, and art surrounding me.

Artist Background

California State University, Fullerton
Bachelor of Fine Arts, 1973
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