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Daniel Caro
Mexico City, Mexico City
Born in Bogota, Colombia in 1986, Daniel Caro is an emerging artist who has developed his work in a self-taught fashion. Daniel incorporates paper figures in his compositions, breaking the pattern of traditional still life painting; this approach injects a sense of modernism into the classical realism of his compositions. Daniel is quickly gaining attention in the contemporary art world. His works have been displayed at several international art fairs, including Spectrum Miami, Affordable Art Fair Mexico and ArtBo in Colombia.
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Artist Statement

I paint using classical techniques with a touch of contemporary influence.

My work often features still lifes, and I like to mix things up by incorporating origami and paper objects. It's my way of blending classic realism with a modern twist. Sometimes I paint from life, but my small studio means I often work from photos, which I carefully edit and combine to create my compositions.

I'm fascinated by the play of light on different colors and textures, which is why still lifes are a favorite subject of mine. I use top-quality oils and materials to ensure the longevity of my paintings, and each piece is finished with a protective varnish.

Ultimately, my goal is to create art that resonates with viewers, offering them a glimpse into the beauty of everyday objects illuminated by light.
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