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Cynthia Ligeros
Englewood, Colorado
Artist Cynthia Ligeros reinvents contemporary abstract art with inexhaustible creativity. She incorporates impressionist sentiments that reveal inner transcendent landscapes to the viewer. “Art can have a powerful organic and spiritual presence,” says Cynthia. "I seek to explore our place in a world that we have created, yet one which also creates us." Her paintings often begin with a single driving emotion—colors, cycles, and feelings of the environment heavily shape what her compositions develop into. As she paints, she redefines the spaces around us and how they connect to our lives. She draws inspiration from nature against contrasting artifices of industrial spaces. Currently residing in Colorado, she has a special fondness for the breathtaking Rocky Mountains. In all her work, she tucks a hint of blue skies hidden somewhere.
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Artist Statement

For me, abstract art can have a powerful organic and spiritual presence.

My art delves into impressionism, aiming to unveil an inner world that feels intimately familiar and transcendently captivating to the observer. In my creative journey, I'm driven to explore our intricate relationship with the world we've shaped and, in turn, the world that shapes us.

Each of my paintings often originates from a singular, compelling emotion. From this emotional core, images emerge, inspired by the vibrant hues, rhythms, and emotions of the environment surrounding me.

Sunsets, moonscapes, flowers, and the ever-changing seasons serve as boundless wellsprings of inspiration, infusing my works with depth and intricate layers of meaning.

Even industrial spaces and structures figure prominently within my art, contrasting the artifice of the cityscape against the limitless beauty of the sky.

Through my artistry, I aim to redefine the spaces that envelop us and illuminate their profound connections to our lives.

Artist Background

Rocky Mountain College of Art and Design
Associate of Arts, 1992


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