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Crystal DiPietro
Las Vegas, Nevada
Artist Crystal DiPietro paints majestic sceneries inspired by her personal trips to beautiful untamed places. She creates landscapes as rugged and dramatic—setting her style apart from the usual soft and delicate perspectives of the genre. Crystal pursued art school in Washington, D.C., where she got to go behind the scenes in major galleries and explore hiking, a huge source of her work inspiration. She composes her work with bold natural views in unique angles, vibrant colors, and loose brushstrokes. With her own photography used as a reference, Crystal expresses the details in her paintings slowly, in layers, the same way a photograph develops. “I intend to show a subtle beauty where the viewer may never have thought to look,” says Crystal. Her work hovers between capturing a brief dream and a contemplative impression of the scene. She achieves this by allowing viewers to come away with new respect and appreciation for the worlds around them.
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Artist Statement

I start by going out into the Wilderness, usually alone. There is something about the lines, the forms, the texture, and the light that I can’t get enough of. I’m obsessed with it all & I can never study it enough. Sometimes it’s overwhelming.   I often go to extremes to get to a particular view. Climbing mountains does not come naturally to me and is often very difficult. I am confronting my own doubts, weaknesses & fears out there. I work through the blood, sweat & tears to commiserate & celebrate with nature. There is no place where I feel more at home, more myself, than the desert.   I take many photographs and make paintings while I’m in nature. Those works are immediate, and I would describe them as pure. When I return to my studio, I confront all the issues and feelings I had on my journeys and attempt to work them out in a way that invites the viewer into my world. These works exist somewhere between reality and a feeling. They are as much self-portraits as landscapes. I've recently started to move away from oil paints and am working a lot with watercolor & ink. The fluid properties of these mediums can be unpredictable. I try to rein these washes of color in line, creating a tension & balance that mimics life in the natural world.

Artist Background

Corcoran College of Art and Design
Bachelor of Fine Arts, 1992


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