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Arvind Kumar Dubey
Delhi, Delhi, India
Artist Arvind Kumar Dubey paints surrealist figures, merging human and animal forms with symbolic elements in his compositions. His art aims to reflect social incidents, mythological tales, and nature. “I intend to express my observations of the world, phases of life of youth, love, and emotions,” says Arvid. His journey in painting began when his multimedia and web design instructor recognized his talent and encouraged him to pursue fine art in 2006. Since then, he has devoted himself to the craft. Based in Delhi, India, he operates his studio from the comfort of his home, creating multiple artworks simultaneously. When he's not painting, Arvid enjoys other forms of expression, such as poetry, singing, and cooking.
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Artist Statement

I paint in a surrealist style, mixing humans with animals, often adding a touch of sarcasm. I use acrylic paint on canvas to create my pieces, drawing inspiration from myths, social issues, and everyday life experiences, especially those of youth and empowerment. My childhood memories, especially of my sister and father fuel my creativity. Influenced by artists like Salvador Dali, Vincent van Gogh, and Raqib Shaw, I capture my observations of society, life experiences, love, and emotions. One day, I dream of creating a piece of artwork that will reach the moon.

Artist Background

College of Art, New Delhi
Bachelor of Fine, 2010
Jiwaji University
Master of Arts, 2016
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