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Alix Palo
Hinsdale, Illinois
Artist Alix Palo captures nature's tranquility and dramatic allure in her effusive floral works. She studied Art History, and after completing botanical art and illustration programs, she shifted from a realistic style to a non-representational and expressive approach. Directional lines and mark-making provide impact and emphasize a focal point in each of her pieces. My use of color and light helps to achieve a painting's mood and I hope the viewer experiences this, says Alix. As a mom of six, she found herself wanting to carve out her interests—and encouraging her children to reach their goals has fueled her to achieve her own. Today, she works on the ground floor of her home, always surrounded by her dogs and occasionally cluttered with supplies. When she is not painting, Alix enjoys playing and coaching pickleball, cooking delicious dishes, and traveling to discover new sceneries and art.
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Artist Statement

My mediums are acrylic, pastel, and watercolor. My medium of choice switches depending on what I am trying to achieve. I have started to blend all three mediums in some pieces, using pastels and watercolors for underpainting and finishing with acrylics. Directional lines and mark-making fascinate me because they impact and help emphasize a focal point. My work emphasizes creating pieces that reflect my love of nature and express both its serenity and drama. I have completed two botanical art and illustration certificate programs through the Chicago Botanic Gardens and the Morton Arboretum. As I have gone through these curriculums, I have gone from very representational art to more non-representational and expressive art. I have felt a pull towards expression in my depictions of nature. I don’t want all the elements in my paintings to be recognizable, I enjoy leaving the viewer to guess my inspiration. Depending on my subject, I want a piece to be soothing or tranquil to view, and other times, I want my subject to pop and demand attention. The use of color and light helps to achieve the mood of the painting, and I hope the viewer experiences this. Having been an art history major, I always regretted not taking the risk to become an artist. Being a mom of six children has given me the desire to carve out my own interests, and encouraging them to reach their goals has also fueled me to achieve my own goals. I have been influenced by contemporary artists Debora Stewart, Loriann Signori, and Marlene Hill Donnelly. My love for impressionism is ever-constant, and I am also inspired by Picasso, Paul Klee, Henre Matisse, and Cezanne.

Artist Background

Tulane University
Bachelor of Arts, 1991
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