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Alicia Dunn
Oakland, California
Alicia Dunn’s abstract paintings are affected by a confluence of elements: the weather, her mood, and the properties of her materials. “Ceding control to these things allows the magic to happen,” the artist explains. Alicia's paintings capture the unique energy of nature, particularly that of the beach where she lives. Staring into the tranquil and luminous colors of her work, the viewer connects to shape of the waves, the swiftness of the wind, and the beginning of a day. Alicia is inspired by the simple things in life. Her awe of nature’s perfection and the thrill of constant discovery are conveyed in her art. Alicia works in water-based acrylic paint, and has developed a technique using blending gels to achieve not only rich color and texture, but also an eroded, weathered effect that reflects the process of the painting’s creation. Like nature itself, each painting shifts with the viewer, chronicling time through movement and beauty.
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Artist Statement

As a contemporary abstract painter, my artistic journey is dedicated to capturing the vibrant essence of the natural world. Through the interplay of intense colors, intricate layering, and textural techniques, my creations radiate a luminous quality that simultaneously invigorates and soothes the soul.

My creative process is deeply influenced by the ebbs and flows of my emotions, the ethereal landscapes of my dreams, and the intangible yet profoundly sensed energy that courses through nature. Every waking hour finds me immersed in the world of my imagination, translating these inner experiences into the canvas.

Artist Background

University of Wisconsin, Madison
Bachelor of Arts, 1982


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