Victorian Mansion

The Victorian Era, named for Queen Victoria’s reign, was an age of cultural expansion and unending intrigue. It was a time of great illumination and even greater mystery. The Victorian world lit up with the first modern railways, bridges, and underground infrastructure, and, yet, was clouded in eerie fog, popular ghost stories, and strange sciences.

Stately, mysterious, and elegant, the Victorian house was a place carved by these complex societal changes. The elements of Victorian style – collected objects, regal portraiture – give a glimpse into this perplexing era.

Throughout this collection, we examine the artwork found on Victorian walls of parlors, in their great royal halls, and the in the pages of their novels. We look at the art in more subtle places, like the mystery of the London Fog and the chilling ghost lore. The full collection honors the fascinating Victorian style through deep connections to its fascinating past.


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