An exclusive partnership presenting original artworks from top emerging artists.

From day one, our mission has been to support emerging artists while spreading the joy of living with original art. We are thrilled to introduce a unique collection of one-of-a-kind works by leading UGallery artists, available exclusively at Crate and Barrel. Here's to connecting with many more impassioned art patrons around the globe!

"I believe it takes a lifetime of observation, commitment and the willingness to fail to become an artist whose work someone else might admire or enjoy."

Ronda Waiksnis

"I covet new canvases as though they hold the secret of a new dawn. Capturing the fleeting moment in time is impossible but capturing the feeling before it fades is my dream."

Faith Taylor

"Being an artist-it's a way of seeing and perceiving the world, isn't it? I honestly would not be as happy doing anything else. When I sold my first paintings I saw that there might be some way to make a living as a painter. As every year passes I have to keep asking-can I still get away with it?"

Natalie George

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