Wonderspaces Arizona Offers One-of-a-Kind Immersive Art Experiences

Scottsdale, Arizona is a lovely destination with many appealing attractions including a vibrant arts and culture scene. For example, you can find sophisticated art galleries and renowned art museums in Old Town, and mesmerizing immersive art………at the mall. Yep, you read that right, you can find great art at the mall, or more specifically, the Scottsdale Fashion Square Mall.


“Early Risers” by UGallery artist Autumn Rose

Although the mall may not be the first place you seek out to experience and view art, the modern art museum known as Wonderspaces Arizona is well worth the time it takes to navigate a congested mall parking lot (for the record, it's a lovely upscale mall with pretty fabulous shopping opportunities) to see intriguing immersive and experiential art. As we take note of some of the more interesting immersive art venues, Wonderspaces Arizona ranks high on the list, for a host of reasons that we're sharing here.

Extraordinary Artwork

The museum's evolving lineup includes 14 installations at any given time, by incredibly talented international artists, each offering a unique perspective and thought-provoking exhibit.


Interactive and Immersive

Wonderspaces Arizona's regularly changing artwork showcases the best of immersive art. If you aren’t familiar with the genre, immersive art is interactive and often transforms the viewer from a passive spectator to a participant in the installation. Recent installations at Wonderspaces that represent this type of creativity include:“Shadow Play” by UGallery artist Robin Okun


Each individual's shadow is the art for which their entry into the scene fills the otherwise blank canvas in “ShadowPlay.” The light installation was conceived and executed by artist John Edmark. Visitors initially encounter a white background though shadows cast upon the canvas take on animated multicolored impressions. 




“RULES” by artist Paolo Ibarra Llano is a collaborative installation that invites participants to engage as a collective contributor to the evolutionary artwork. It also encourages conversation between visitors who may not otherwise have a reason to interact.

Before I Die

By artist Candy Chang, this “Before I Die” asks the viewer to explore their aspirations and share them as part of the public forum. The result is a collective bucket list of sorts, crafted by visitors to Wonderspaces. Patrons share their hopes and dreams on the giant chalkboard with goals including everything from making a billion dollars, reconnecting with loved ones, and acquiring a pet pig.

Conscientious Creation

Thank You Bags


Reed Van Brunschot's "Thank You Bags (Giant)" is art that makes a big statement. The display at Wonderspaces, which features giant plastic to-go bags similar to that which you would receive at a restaurant, is a take on societal excess and the dangers of being dismissive about our environmental impact. 

Art Complemented by Craft Cocktails

In addition to an incredible rotation of fascinating art, Wonderspaces offers a bar with signature cocktails. Whether meeting up with friends and family or seeking out a unique date night experience, Wonderspaces expertly meshes art with entertainment to maximize the enjoyment of both.  

Wonderspaces Arizona is open year-round, five days a week. It is closed Mondays and Tuesdays. 

Wonderspaces Arizona

7014 E Camelback Rd, Scottsdale AZ

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