Street Art Miami: 4 Reasons the City is Must-See for Urban Art

 Street Art Miami: 4 Reasons the City is Must-See for Urban Art
 Street Art Miami: 4 Reasons the City is Must-See for Urban Art
 Street Art Miami: 4 Reasons the City is Must-See for Urban Art

Some cities are just more extroverted than others. Perhaps it’s the bold architecture, the spicy cuisine, or the interesting local personalities, but when it comes to Miami, Florida, she is certainly no introvert. As we explore some of the best places to view public art, Miami streets have a beautiful story to tell.

In a previous article, we provided details about Miami’s sophisticated art galleries and one-of-a-kind museums (including the Miami Graffiti Museum). As it relates to street art, the city is a target-rich environment for urban art seekers, and we’re glad to share a handful of the reasons why.


Reason #1: It’s Home to Art BaselArtist Chris Dyer creates a mural in Wynwood as part of Art Basel Miami

Miamians are justifiably proud that Miami Beach is home to one of the largest and most renowned international art festivals in the world in Art Basel. Each December thousands of art collectors, gallery representatives, and artists descend upon Miami Beach to take part in the contemporary art event.

Among the many benefits of Art Basel, new murals are conceived and created by great artists each year in various locations throughout the city. The new Flagler Street Art Festival includes an “artist takeover,” in which murals have been designed as a permanent part of the streetscape, adding even more incredible works to Miami’s already impressive profile of public art.

Reason #2: These Walls TalkWynwood Wall mural, photo by Juan Cristobal Zulueta

Wonderful walls are a way of life in Miami, home to the famous Wynwood Walls. The Wynwood Walls complex of international street art is a staple of the Miami art scene.

The late real estate magnate Tony Goldman had an inspired vision for the site as a creative hub in the heart of Wynwood. Now led by Goldman’s daughter, Goldman Properties continues his innovative mission. The 80,000 square feet of exterior wall spaces feature approximately 50 brightly colored murals. “Second Saturday” art walks are a popular experience for visitors and locals alike.

Where to find it: Wynwood Walls, 266 NW 26th St, Miami, FL 33127


Reason #3: Miami Design District“Le Corbusier,” photo by

If you read our previous article about great art in Miami, you already know that the Miami Design District is a decidedly cool spot for viewing art. The district’s fascinating variety of street art installments is one obvious reason why. Take, for example, the grand scale Le Corbusier, a fiberglass sculpture by French artist Xavier Veilhan which depicts the famed 20th-century French Architect. Some consider Le Corbusier a founding father of modern architecture.

Where to find it: 140 NE 39th St., 2nd Floor, Miami, FL 33137

Reason #4: Latin American Influences

With a population that is over 70% Hispanic, the city is known for its diversity of people. Miami’s rich heritage and blending of cultures include strong Cuban and Caribbean influences, both of which have played a substantial role in the style of art that visitors to the coastal metropolis may encounter.

Little Havana"Welcome to Little Havana" Eighth Street mural, photo by Phillip Pessar

Little Havana was established due to a large influx of Cuban exiles to 1960s Miami. The food, the Cuban coffee, the music, and of course the vibrant and colorful street art make Little Havana a must-see stop as part of an authentic Miami experience.“Deep in my Bones” by UGallery Artist Diana Rosa, who takes inspiration from her Cuban upbringing

Little Haiti

Little Haiti is home to generations of people who sought refuge in the Miami neighborhood beginning in the 1980s. Abutting Wynwood and the Design District, a visit to Little Haiti is a unique cultural experience, including phenomenal street art reflecting Haitian culture.

Though we can’t begin to cover everything there is to see, we hope you’ve gained some useful insight into the public art scene in Miami, Florida. We highly recommend a visit, though you can also experience original art from the comfort of your home by perusing UGallery’s website, for which new art is posted weekly.