Street Art Houston: Amazing Murals and Wonderful Walls

According to the locals, everything is bigger in Texas, or at least that’s what we learned while exploring the best cities to see art. Given that Houston, Texas specifically is one of the largest as well as one of the most diverse cities in the nation, it isn't altogether surprising that the city boasts a rich art scene.

Consistent with its reputation for going big or going home, Houston street art is also kind of a "big deal" with hundreds of murals enhancing the viability of an intriguing public art landscape.


“Flirt II” by artist UGallery artist Teresa Dirks, who describes her style as a type of asemic graffiti.

Where to Find Houston Murals

Speaking of maps, lucky for us the folks at UP Art Studio have created an online map to help locate the most interesting Houston murals and graffiti art. Check out the Houston Mural Map to easily plan your Houston street art experience. Whether attempting to locate some of our favorites, or identify a few of your own, the Houston Mural Map is a great place to start.

East Downtown Houston

East Downtown Houston, also known as EaDo, features a number of creative venues and neighborhoods that are famous for their unique street art.

Houston Graffiti Building

As you might expect of a place known as the Houston Graffiti Building, street art and mural lovers will find an endless bounty of Houston-themed and thought-provoking works. The space is an old building whose walls have been transformed from top to bottom as giant canvases for graffiti art.“Justice” mural, photo by 2C2K Photography

One eye-catching mural which is part of the graffiti building is the “Justice” mural by artists Icy and Sot. A visual expression of their vision of justice, the black and white wall art was created as part of the artists' participation in the Houston Urban Experience Mural Festival.

Where to find it: 1503 Chartres St, Houston, TX


Houston Graffiti Park

Not only does Houston have a graffiti building, but it also has a park devoted to the genre. The Houston Graffiti Park is an outdoor gallery that celebrates the practice and aesthetic of street art. Every facade within the park is singularly comprised of amazing mural art for which visitors will be mesmerized by its colorful walls.

Where to find it: 2102 Leeland St, Houston, TX


The greater Houston art scene includes the charming community of Montrose. A trip to the creative bohemian enclave will reward art enthusiasts with access to dozens of murals interspersed within the lovely and walkable neighborhoods.



Among our favorites is the “Biscuit Paint Wall,” which is a strategic and skilled splattering of beautiful paint drippings on the exterior of the Biscuit Home Shop. The bright and colorful mural has become a popular backdrop for snapping some of the best and most frequently instagrammed selfie pictures in Texas.

Where to find it: 1435 Westheimer Rd, Montrose, TX

Downtown Houston“Houston is Inspired” mural, photo by vjlawson2001

Inspired, Hip, Tasty, Funky, and Savvy. The mural says it all. Houstonians are understandably proud of their community, and this Houston mural, which represents a partnership with the Greater Houston Convention and Visitors Bureau, celebrates all things Houston.

Artist Mario E. Figueroa Jr. better known as GONZO247 painted the art wall to pay tribute to Houston’s many enviable attributes. While not the biggest mural in Houston, it is certainly grand in scale, and its content speaks volumes. The mural abuts a parking lot and is another great spot to capture your selfie and Instagram photos.

Where to find it: 313 Travis Street, Houston, TX


Houston is hard to beat when it comes to incredible street art, and we hope sharing these murals may inspire you to make the trip. You can also view UGallery’s selection of vibrant original works and check out new art weekly on our website.