How to Use Art & Decor for a Stylish and Functional Home Gym

It goes without question that most of us have spent more time at home in recent years, which has caused us to rethink the use of our domestic spaces. Whether it's for work, education, or recreation, we've been more deliberate in how we utilize and enjoy the rooms within our homes. For many, that includes finding ways for maintaining fitness goals such as turning a spare room into a fabulous home gym, well-appointed with gym equipment such as free weights, a treadmill, and maybe a stationary bike or rowing machine.

Whether you're a yogi master or making the most of a newly acquired peloton system, styling the perfect home gym within your house for maximum motivation and enjoyment may seem daunting. You don't have to hire an interior designer to tackle these creative challenges. As we consider ways to help you identify your taste in art, and bring artful interest to even the most practical of spaces, we're glad to share a few home gym ideas for designing a great space.


Indentify Purpose

First and foremost, it is important to determine how you want to use the space, in order to come up with a meaningful plan for art and decor. Maybe you want to create a calming space for stretching and meditation, or perhaps high-impact exercise equipment is more your exercise strategy. The type of equipment you utilize and the amount of space you have to work with play a fundamental role in the design and decor of your workout room.

If you're a dancer, for instance, you may determine that you require floor to ceiling mirrors which will take up a significant portion of your wall space. If you prefer to join classes virtually, a flat-screen tv may be a critical component of your workout, taking up prime real estate on your walls. Floor space may be at a premium as well when you factor in a weight rack, gym equipment such as a running machine, and other high and low profile workout elements. Establishing the landscape and equipment needs should be the first step in your interior design plan.Photo by Andres AyrtonIt's worthwhile to sketch out your vision for your home gym based on the dimensions of your room including how equipment, use of wall space, and other practical necessities will fit within your design scheme, then determine how to make the space more aesthetically desirable.

Make the Practical Pleasing

When it comes to the essential items which make up a home gym, there are options to make these functional elements more stylish and visually pleasing. Depending on what type of equipment you use, the sky is the limit. Color coordinate your gym ball with your free weights, your jump ropes, and other preferred exercise gear, and find creative ways to display them. Consider incorporating interesting patterns and textural elements in the design of a climbing wall. Strategic lighting choices such as high-profile floor lamps, large mirrors with unique frames, floating shelves for storage, and even your tv can be surrounded by well-placed art to make the space more interesting.

Consider ColorPhoto by ArtCoreStudios

No one says you have to have all white walls in your home gym. More bold colors can introduce visual interest to an otherwise ordinary space. Like other rooms in your home, selecting a feature wall for a pop of color can be very impactful, especially when it creates complementary color schemes in relation to other elements of the room or serves as the backdrop for engaging art.

Perhaps you subscribe to the psychology of color choices, in which case there is much to consider when picking your paint colors. According to experts, pale blues are calming and improve focus, orange sets the right tone for high impact, high-intensity workouts, while pinks and pastels inspire a sense of rest and nurturing, better suited for a yoga room.


Create a High Energy Environment“Raising Energy” by UGallery artist Julia Hacker

How many of us crank up our favorite upbeat song to keep up the intensity of a workout? Maybe you need extra motivation to complete that last set of pull ups. Countless athletes and exercise enthusiasts listen to music as part of their workouts as a boost to maintain their stride and finish strong. In addition to a high-quality sound system, consider incorporating art and decor reflecting energetic vibes. Why not complement our high-impact exercise with a burst of bold and invigorating art placed along our natural sightlines? Examples could include bright colors, action-themed art, and inspiring wall hangings.

While we suggest you go easy on the phrase-filled motivational posters, custom designs such as commissioned art that is personally inspirational or meaningful add tremendous value. Examples might include artfully crafted text or a painted rendering of the location in which you completed your first marathon. With custom art, anything is possible.

Cultivate Soothing AmbiancePhoto by Mikhail Nilov

On the other hand, if you gravitate toward ballet, floor work or stretching exercises such as yoga, a more soothing aesthetic may be just what you need to create a calming oasis for your weekly fitness routine. Maybe you find your namaste in the glory of a peaceful landscape or an ocean rendering that makes you feel as though you can feel the breeze and hear the waves crashing. There is no limit to the ways in which art can set the mood for many aspects of our daily lives.

Have Fun Selecting Art for Your Home Gym“Knockout” by UGallery artist Linda Benanati

We don't believe there are any rooms in a home that aren't made better by art, but clearly, some are more formal spaces than others when it comes to design and art choices. When it comes to your workout space, don't be afraid to have a little fun with the artworks you select. We encourage taking creative risks, embracing whimsy, and finding joy in the process.

Need more ideas for identifying the best artworks for your home gym? You can shop new art weekly on UGallery’s website.