Can I Hang Art In My Kitchen?

 Photo by Naomi HĂ©bert
 Photo by Naomi HĂ©bert
 Photo by Naomi HĂ©bert

Often, we love to shop for paintings to display in our living room, or dining room, or even a stunning piece to welcome visitors in the entryway. However, hanging art in the kitchen may seem uncommon. But, did you know that putting the right painting and art pieces in your kitchen can totally bring it to life?

Especially if you are someone who loves cooking for visitors or even just as a hobby, you should definitely start decorating your kitchen. After all, you spend a lot of time there. Art isn’t just for your bedroom, living, or dining rooms, it definitely belongs in your kitchen as well. This article will provide you with some tips that might help.


If You Have the Space, You Can Hang Art on the Wall

UGallery art by Rick Hamilton in an actual client homeA no-brainer technique in designing any room, hang those art pieces on the wall! This would especially work for you if you have big blank walls in your kitchen, those that do not have cupboards or shelves installed.

Also, another tip, if you plan to hang them near your sink, choose oil paintings or acrylic paintings and avoid works made of paper unless they are framed. These types of art will resist water, so you can ensure that they stay dry.

For Kitchens With Cupboards or Cabinets, Make Use of the Space Above


You can put various art objects above your kitchen cabinets to decorate. This is especially useful if those cabinets do not stretch up to your ceiling. Make use of that extra space and lean framed photos, paintings, and other collectables you want to have displayed. We guarantee you, it will look great!

Place Art Between Upper and Lower Cabinets

If your upper cabinets stretch up to your ceiling, do not worry. You still have plenty of options. One of them is to make use of the space in between your upper and lower cabinets. With this style, you’ll most likely be needing smaller framed pieces to liven up the space.


Creating a Focal Point in Your Kitchen

This is an important thing to take note of when designing an interior of any room. That wall just above your kitchen sink? Liven it up with some wall art! Look for ideas on how to decorate above the kitchen sink. This will be especially useful when you do not have any windows in the kitchen area. You’ll be able to create your own stunning scenery, and be even more inspired to do the dishes!

Utilize Shelves for Your Art Display

If you are someone who loves to rotate your art out, this is perfect for you. Install shelves on your wall. You can frame photos and small art pieces and display them on shelves. You’ll be able to change your pieces according to your style, from modern to vintage or abstract whenever you want. You won’t have to worry about putting extra holes in your wall after installing the shelves.

Set Up a Gallery on Your Fridge

For houses that have small kitchens, you don’t have much space to work with. However, worry not. You can make use of your fridge. Print artworks and photos and post them on your refrigerator. You can even use magnetic frames if you want. There are plenty of fun ideas on Pinterest on how to do this easily and artfully.

For Limited Spaces, Choose Small but Meaningful Pieces

UGallery art by Pat Doherty in an actual client home

Not all of us have a huge space to showcase artworks in the kitchen. On top of that, some might have a restricted budget. Art doesn’t need to be huge and expensive. Choose smaller but meaningful pieces that match your style. It could be a small framed piece of cuisine themed artwork, a postcard, a black and white photo, or even a printed quote. They’ll surely inspire you even more while cooking!

Go for a Peaceful Scene

If you want your kitchen to give out relaxing and calming vibes, you can’t go wrong with an artwork showcasing nature — the beach, the mountains, or whatever scene you prefer. It’s a nice way to make you feel good and relaxed even while preparing meals and doing chores.

Utilize the Surface on the Side of Your Cabinet

Imagine the side of your cabinet as a wall and try hanging a small or medium sized artwork on it. It can help add a pop of color in your kitchen area. Just make sure that the theme of the painting and its colors match well with your countertops and overall kitchen look.

Put Up a Collage That Tells a Story

Is it getting difficult to choose a single art piece to hang on that kitchen wall? Don’t worry! You can display your collection up there. Create a collage out of your smaller pieces. Choose which ones to put together and combine them in a large frame. Not only will it look good, but it will also show people the style that you’re going for!

Other Bonus Tips:

  • Measure where you plan on hanging the art. This will help you know the dimensions of the art piece that you’ll be needing.
  • Don’t rush when you shop. Make sure you carefully choose what kind of art would be most suited with the overall look and feel of the room.
  • After your purchase, make sure you learn how to protect and take care of your artwork.

Final Words

So, there you have it! We hope this article has answered your questions regarding hanging art in the kitchen. Remember to always consider your personal preference and style and match it with your kitchen’s overall design. Happy decorating!