Best Podcasts for Expanding Your Art Knowledge

 “Cowboy Boots and Cell Phone” by UGallery artist Warren Keating
 “Cowboy Boots and Cell Phone” by UGallery artist Warren Keating
 “Cowboy Boots and Cell Phone” by UGallery artist Warren Keating

We live in an era in which there is hyper-awareness about the fact that our lives are super busy. Although some say the belief that we are busier than ever is a myth, adulting does come with a whole lot of responsibility. So if you find yourself in a perpetual state of multitasking, you're not alone. In the high-tech world that we live in, it's easier than ever to attempt to do eight things at once, and to that end, approximately 63% of us use our cell phones for multitasking.


While we try not to get lost in the toxic trap that is a culture of busyness, there are times when multitasking isn't necessarily a bad thing. For example, podcasts provide the perfect opportunity for learning and entertainment when combined with a daily subway commute, while folding the laundry or jogging on the treadmill. We contend these double-duty efforts are a legitimately good use of time, for which we offer no apology.“A Commuter” by UGallery artist Keith Thomson

We love podcasts for the ease with which we can absorb information, learn about a new topic, or for pure entertainment purposes. We enjoy consuming podcasts to build our knowledge and stay up to speed on trending topics in the art realm as well. With this in mind, and as part of our series on tips to navigate online resources for art, here's our take on a handful of favorite art podcasts, broken down by some of the most common reasons people seek out art-related content.


1. Best Art Podcasts for Newbies and the Art-Curious“Picking Flowers” by Auguste Renoir, 1875, courtesy of the National Gallery of Art


The Art History Babes

Although the name choice will understandably have some detractors, the podcast itself and associated content is among our favorites.  For folks who may be somewhat new to art and art history, making art approachable is key and the four hosts do so quite effectively.  The hosts’ in-depth art knowledge is complemented by their engaging personalities resulting in fascinating and informative art discussions. If you like your podcasts with a side of witty banter, The Art History Babes might be just what you’re looking for. The show runs once a week with topics ranging from Cubism to the art of memes.


The host of ArtCurious aims to make art history amusing and accessible. Jennifer Desal's credentials as a former curator of modern and contemporary art may be intimidating but her take on art history is anything but. Desal picks an individual artist and work of art as a focus of each show and introduces the interesting facts and tidbits that represent the stories behind the work. Billed as “the unexpected, slightly odd, and strangely wonderful in art history,” new ArtCurious shows are posted regularly throughout each month.


2. Art Podcasts for Seasoned Collectors and Art Lovers

In Other Words

From the sophisticated background music to the mesmerizing voice of the main host Charlotte Burns to the compelling topics the podcast covers, this show feels serious from the jump. The In Other Words lineup includes intimate conversations with creators, curators, and collectors. We’re keeping an eye out for new episodes but the podcast has a vast inventory of captivating content and fascinating guests over the last several years.


The Conversation Art Podcast

Host Michael Shaw engages in conversation (hence the name) with amazingly talented contemporary artists and art insiders in a one-on-one or three-person roundtable. The Conversation is well established in a sea of thousands of arts and culture podcasts and a reliable source of interesting information about what's happening in the art world today. Shaw provides a pleasant and informed delivery of valuable information and current art affairs.


3. Art Podcasts That Dispel the Myth That Art Has to Be Fussy“I Did It My Way” by UGallery artist Diane Flick

The Lonely Palette 

The podcast engages museum visitors in a delightful example of how art interpretation is a very personal undertaking. Host Tamar Avishai spends time interviewing museum visitors as they view a famous work of art and captures their initial impressions about the piece. The result is an engaging and amusing take on how we individually perceive art. Avishai also provides a well-researched history and analysis of each piece to compare and contrast against the observations shared by museum visitors. We recently listened to an episode of The Lonely Palette about Grant Wood's American Gothic, an interesting exercise for which gallery goers attempted to understand the solemn expressions and relationship status between the two infamous figures in the iconic and frequently analyzed artwork. It is but a snapshot of the many fascinating artworks and personalities for which the Palette does a deep dive.



4. Art Podcasts to Keep Up With Current Affairs in the Art World

The Week in Art - The Art Newspaper

If you're looking for real-time updates on what's happening within the art industry, from breaking news to the freshest exhibitions and events, you've come to the right place, and by “place” we mean podcast. Art experts and industry insiders provide insight to host Ben Luke in this award-winning weekly podcast that is sponsored by Christie’s.


Talk Art

Talk Art facilitates one-on-one conversations with art experts and influential leaders in the art world about everything from modern art to the biggest art industry gatherings such as Art Basel. It is always an interesting exchange led by host and actor Russell Tovey and gallerist Robert Diament as they explore trending topics and the latest happenings from those closest to the action.


5. Art Podcasts That Are Pure EntertainmentPhoto by Truman Rexti from Pexels

Last Seen

This podcast lives at the intersection of true crime and art history. Season 1 of Last Seen explores a major art theft that occurred in 1990 when 13 masterpieces were stolen from Boston’s Isabella Steward Gardner Museum, a mystery that remains unsolved to this day. The famous heist involved two unidentified suspects impersonating police officers who spent 81 minutes within the museum, leaving behind over a dozen blank frames which once held prized and irreplaceable artworks.


6. Art Podcasts for Those Curious About the Business Side

If you're a maker of art or just intrigued to learn more about how visual artists pursue their craft, there are some good options to shed light on the business side of things as well as the creative process. One insightful pod which explores these subjects in depth is The Artist Next Level with Sergio Gomez. If you’re curious about the artist side of the UGallery equation, we recently participated in a discussion with Sergio about the online gallery format and the valuable relationships we build with the artists we represent. We hope we’ve added value to narrow down your “must hear” list of art-related podcasts. If you’re in the market for original art, you can view works by talented artists updated weekly on our site.