Public Art Orlando: 4 Local Spots to Find Great Public Sector Art

 Fountain at Lake Eola, Orlando, Florida, photo by Joe Shlabnotik
 Fountain at Lake Eola, Orlando, Florida, photo by Joe Shlabnotik
 Fountain at Lake Eola, Orlando, Florida, photo by Joe Shlabnotik

In addition to being a top tourist destination for its incredible theme parks, the city of Orlando, Florida boasts pretty phenomenal cultural and visual arts attractions as well. We've shared our impressions of some of the best galleries and museums, but did you know that the Florida city also offers exceptional public sector art? Like some of the other communities we've discussed, Orlando values public art, as is evidenced by the investments it's made in public art in city parks, city hall, public buildings, and many neighborhoods throughout the city.

So while you're making your way through the city of Orlando to enjoy the latest art museum exhibit or checking out the newest gallery in Orange County, don't forget about the public art. A visit to Orlando's many public art installations does not disappoint, and we're happy to provide a list of some great places to find it.


Finding Joy in Downtown Orlando

 The city administration parking garage near Rosalind Ave. and Jackson Street in downtown Orlando isn't your typical parking facility. Draped in public art, this garage offers public parking with a view.

Drivers who wind their way through the various levels will have the good fortune to experience artist Dorothy Gillespie's "Celestial Joy," a colorful cascade of metallic ribbons spanning the five-story facility from top to bottom. The vibrant display is a truly unique form of artwork that turns the sometimes frustrating hunt for a parking spot into a rather enjoyable task.

300 Liberty Avenue, Orlando, FL 32801

2. Discovering a Legacy at Orlando City Hall
“Legacy,” photo by Sweet One

For visitors looking to take a stroll with maximum public art opportunities, may we suggest a visit to Orlando City Hall Plaza? With myriad outdoor artworks and three galleries inside, city hall showcases works by international as well as acclaimed regional artists.

Located outside city hall, check out an Orlando original public artwork in the form of a sculpture commemorating the sport of soccer. "Legacy" was donated to the city by the Legacy Soccer Foundation in recognition of the World Cup 1994. The bronze statue of a soccer player was dedicated on the 10th anniversary of the event to honor the fans, volunteers, and supporters of the world cup in Orlando.

417 S. Orange Avenue, Orlando, FL 32801


3. Taking Flight Over Lake Eola Park"Take Flight", photo from City of Orlando

Also in the heart of downtown Orlando, there is much to appreciate about Lake Eola Park. In addition to the lovely natural aesthetic, you will find several examples of great public art. One of many contemporary public art sculptures in Orlando, the aluminum and magnesium sculpture "Take Flight" emulates a flock of birds airborne and flying in unison.

Also worth checking out at Lake Eola Park: "Fantasy Swan," a bronze water maiden and swan perched atop the lake, alongside a plaque that tells their magical story.

If you want to get up close and personal with some of Lake Eola’s artworks, rent a pedal-operated swan boat to get a better look while enjoying a coast along the water’s surface.

195 N. Rosalind Ave, Orlando, FL 32801“Shall We Dance?” by UGallery artist Joy Galang

4. Wonderful Collections in Winter Park

For more great Orange County arts, we also recommend a visit to the local government buildings in nearby Winter Park, Florida. Winter Park is a charming community which prides itself as a mecca for arts and culture.

One example of Winter Park's art in public places is that which is showcased within its city government buildings. The central Florida city's "art in chambers" program, located within its commission chambers, features works by local artists on loan from area museums and is accessible to the public five days a week.

401 S. Park Ave, Winter Park, FL 32789


Ready to experience Orlando public sector art for yourself? There are endless possibilities to explore and experience. You can also check out original art online now with new works posted weekly on the UGallery website.