15 Minutes with Miami Art Consultant Valentina Tintori

 Valentina with a work by American artist Leonardo Drew
 Valentina with a work by American artist Leonardo Drew
 Valentina with a work by American artist Leonardo Drew

“I work for art lovers, those who sit in front of a piece as if they were sitting listening to a wonderful opera.”

Sophisticated, confident, worldly - words that could be used to describe Miami, Florida art consultant Valentina Tintori, as well as the many intriguing projects that are the result of her skilled aesthetic vision.

As we continue our series on the role of art consultants, we were very fortunate to be able to snag a little time with Valentina. Valentina is on a never-ending mission to identify the most relevant artists and works in service to her extensive list of clients, which are primarily private collectors. She has built enduring relationships with these investors, who have come to rely on her vast knowledge and expertise in expanding and building their collections. So its no surprise that Valentina was immersed in the details of planning her participation in the internationally renowned Miami Art Basel fair when we contacted her to request an interview. Despite many pressing obligations, she graciously made time to share her perspective and experiences as an art adviser in the bustling city of Miami.


1. What is Your Background and When Did You Get Into the Art Consultant Business?

I fell in love with the subject of art history in high school, although I started studying Architecture and I ended up studying Museology (science of museums) and Art History. During my college years, I worked at the Museo de Bellas Artes in Caracas, Venezuela as a documentation intern. After graduating from college, I started working at the Galeria Acquavella in Caracas which is my business school, where I started my career in the art market. The more I got involved in the different areas of the art world, the more I fell in love with the preservation and value of art as a visual language.

2. I See You Have Studied in Spain and Other International Locations. How Did Those Experiences Influence Your Perspective?

I graduated with a Bachelor in Museology and Art History in Caracas Venezuela, I became an Art Teacher and taught Art History at the university, while starting my career as an art consultant. Even though I was concentrating on studying different art tendencies and doing research for the collections I was building for my clients, I felt the need to complement my knowledge and got a Master’s degree in Contemporary Art at the Universitat de Barcelona. All of these experiences have helped build my knowledge base in this ever changing industry.

3. What Project Are You Currently Working on?

Since I work for several collectors, I am always working on many projects at any given moment.

I help art lovers to build contemporary art collections which is an ongoing project, so every project I start becomes an ongoing project. Every collection I start is a journey that never stops which requires constant investigation and research about the artist I include in the collections. Currently, I am working on building a blue-chip art collection and a European emerging artists collection, while doing curation and maintenance of another couple of collections.

4. When Should Someone Consider Hiring an Art Consultant

When thinking about building an art collection or buying at least more than 5 pieces on a certain budget. Nevertheless, whoever is serious about investing in art, should always reach out to an art consultant.

5. What Does an Art Consultant Offer That is Different From What Can Be Achieved Procuring Art on Your Own?Valentina at Art Basel Miami Beach 2018 in conference with client.

The right art consultant will understand and define the aesthetics of the collector, opening a world of options that fit in the collection and the collector’s taste. An art consultant will also be able to define and advise on those options that make the most financial sense to the collector. Art Consultancy as a career is relatively new. The consultant is the perfect companion for someone who is passionate about art and wants to create a collection, not only assisting in locating the ideal artwork for a specific collection but also working through the negotiation and purchasing of the selected artwork.


6. What Should People Expect From Working With an Art Consultant

Professionalism, honesty, knowledge, and a proven network with key members of the art community (Museums, Galleries, Collections, etc.). My recommendation is that collectors look for Art Consultants with a long proven career working in different areas of the art world, over 15 years is suggested.

7. What Has Been Your Favorite Project and Why?

All of the projects are favorites, but one that I really enjoyed given my background as a museologist was to build an art collection within an antique Baroque palace in Europe. The collector was a modern and impressionism art collector and hired me to build together a contemporary art collection to be placed in the palace. The project started from the floorplans of the renovation and the result was amazing.

8. Tell Me About a Project Where Something Surprising Happened.

There was a project where we had to demolish a wall to be able to fit the artwork inside the client’s house.

9. Tell Me About Your Most Unique Installation.

Acquiring and moving a Monumental piece by Botero which was in a public space and had been moved to a different country. The piece was the equivalent of a truck in size.

10. What is Unique About Being an Art Consultant in Miami?

Miami in terms of art is a city thirsty for knowledge, there is a lot to be done and from my end a lot to share. There are a lot of people moving in from different parts of the world who are now making Miami their home and opens up a lot of opportunities for me as a consultant. We also have to take into consideration that the largest art event in the world takes place in Miami.Installation work by Ugo Rondinone

11. Anything Else You Would Like to Share?

The mission of an art consultant must be to educate and wake up the sensibility towards art in individuals by creating small art institutions in their homes, individuals who see visual arts as means of communicating to the world, and invite humanity to support artists looking towards to make art an instrument for human intellectual and emotional development.

“Visual art is a language” "One image communicates better than thousands of words"

Many thanks to Valentina for taking the time to share her breadth of wisdom about the role of an art consultant.


To learn more about Valentina’s work, check out her website. You can also view new original works of art weekly at UGallery.com.