Tamera Abate Winthrop, Washington


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    Artist Statement

    Encaustic painting allows me to create abstract images with multiple layers of fluid beeswax and pigment. I am particularly drawn to the translucent, thin layers of colored wax and the movement created with the use of a propane torch. Textures, marks, layers and heat allow shapes to arise organically. As the wax and pigments merge to form a single entity the painting begins to manifest itself. There is a visible energy that pushes and pulls a painting into its completion.

    My paintings are an echo of my reverence of the natural world. They are not always of a specific place or thing but rather an attempt to record a tangible collection of my experience as an explorer of my surroundings.

    As nature reveals itself it guides my experience of moving through layers of luminous observations. While adding new and vibrant layers to my story I also reach down to excavate memories and experiences that together create a rich and full life. Encaustic painting is the most effective way I've found to translate the energy of my experiences and environment into a piece of visual art.

    Artist Background

    Associate of Arts, 1983


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