Siyuan Ma Arcadia, California


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    Artist Statement

    Ma Siyuan, graduated from the Central Academy of Fine Arts in 2011 with a bachelor's degree, was born in Tianjin of China in 1987, and now works and lives in Los Angeles, USA.
    Ma Siyuan makes use of the plane canvas and turns them into a poetic space full of vibes and emotion. Through careful exploration of light and color, he tried to apply various contemporary painting techniques and continuously expand the edge of painting media. Ma Siyuan's works have formed a reasonable but unexpected way of impression.
    The integration of water stains and marks left by flowing water-based pigments on the picture has the gentle and light feeling of Chinese freehand ink painting. The brief and neat brushstrokes all show the fabulous charm and quiet features of painting. If there is any random splashing that seems to be indistinguishable, it will create a dream-like picture. Bright colors dance freely on the picture, dip in layers, and naturally penetrate randomly into the picture, presenting a sense of quietness and peace.

    Artist Background

    China Central Academy Of Fine Arts
    Bachelor of Fine Arts, 2011

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