Robin Sierra
Fairfax, California

For Robin Sierra, the best way to create art is to let the paint flow freely. Instead of using brushes, Robin pours out paint and then manipulates it using found sticks, kitchen utensils and other unexpected objects. Sometimes she will also paint on a surface and places the object on the canvas, creating a sort of print. “As the painting emerges, there becomes a delicate balance of letting the shapes form themselves and me using my intuition and compositional skills to guide the piece.” Working in a non-representational style is her way of getting viewers to use their imagination and come up with their own interpretations. On days when she’s not in front of the canvas, Robin enjoys hiking, reading and dancing. She currently lives in California.

27" x 39" , acrylic painting

Red Dream
24" x 27" , acrylic painting

Blue Dream
24" x 34" , acrylic painting

51" x 77" , acrylic painting

Dancing Earth
24" x 31" , acrylic painting

26" x 26" , acrylic painting

28" x 45" , acrylic painting

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