Robin Hanway N.Chesterfield, Virginia


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    Artist Statement

    "… it’s always ourselves we find in the sea." -- E.E. Cummings

    I am composing a series of marine still lifes that explore the effects of fluid water media with the figurative representations of sea creatures - sea stars, snails and Crassostrea virginica, the common oyster. In some paintings, the creatures are living characters, in others, clearly fossils and empty shells. I particularly like the contrast of loose fluid backgrounds with tightly rendered naturalistic forms, and also enjoy the painterly dissolutions of form into line and blurred shape - in a loose metaphor for species evolution, development, predation, sex, movement and finally death. My inspirations are numerous, and include the Pre-Raphaelite watercolors of John Ruskin and the tonalist watercolors of contemporary artist Charles Ritchie, as well as the process paintings of Amie Oliver, and the writings of biochemist Nick Lane. I think of these works on paper as akin to musical variations, and the nearly infinite possibilities of the water medium, which incorporates chance, accident and intention, like evolution itself.

    Artist Background

    Virginia Commonwealth University
    Bachelor of Fine Arts, 1978

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