Richard Silver Boynton Beach, Florida

Originally from New York, Richard Silver now calls the world his home. Over the past three years he has traveled to 50 countries - has visited over 90 countries in total - photographing the stunning libraries, churches, concert halls and facades that he encounters. "I am not a typical studio photographer, since I am traveling all year long," says Richard. “My studio and workspace are in whatever city I happen to be in.” Richard has been taking photographs for almost 30 years. He first became serious about the practice in his 20s living in Brooklyn and working in Long Island. On his way home from work at night, he would go to the Brooklyn waterfront to shoot the Manhattan skyline. He has received worldwide acclaim for his photographic work in architecture, travel and landscape. His clients are the leaders of industry, including National Geographic Travel, United Airlines, KLM, CNN, Tiffany & Co, Cartier, Bank of America and the UN Aids Organization. In 2019, he was featured in the PhEST Photo Festival in Monopoli, Italy and a museum exhibition at the Museum für Gestaltung in Zurich, Switzerland.


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