Nadia Boldina Moscow, Russia


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    Artist Statement

    I have devoted most of my adult life to creating paintings. I started painting at the age of four and since then I have not stopped improving my skills in drawing and painting.

    The theme of tranquility and grace runs through my works. At a time when we are overloaded with noise, when we live at high speeds, we consume all information superficially and are not in the moment, painting is grounding. Allows you to breathe out and feel in silence, in childhood.

    I strive for clean and harmonious shades, so that the wandering gaze of the viewer slows down and rests. I work mostly in a realistic manner, adding decorative elements to my works. For this, most often I use classic oil painting and watercolor. I also dearly love graphics with ink and pen and am enthusiastic about creating paintings using this technique.

    The main theme of my work is everyday life of a person and his psychological state. Modern society dictates the cult of success. Success in everything: career uphill, beautiful appearance without flaw, perfect figure, self-development at maximum speed, obedient children, travel every month. Constant employment, constant activity. People in big cities forget what it is like to stop, relax, contemplate. And not for a few seconds, then to rejoin the race, but to do it as a routine practice. The everyday life of an ordinary person, with little joys, simple, ordinary, is what I want to highlight, to make visible. The main point is that you don't need to be special to be happy. You don't have to do something super important to live a good life and leave a good memory. Maintaining inner peace, self-support, inner support and quiet grace are what I strive for in my life and what I want to show people.

    Artist Background

    Ilya Repin St. Petersburg State Academy Institute of Painting, Sculpture and Architecture
    Master of Arts, 2016

    Moscow State University of Culture and Arts

    Master of Arts, 2011

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