Michele Giulvezan-Tanner
Santa Cruz, California

Michele Giulvezan-Tanner boasts more than 30 years experience as a painter and painting instructor. She is primarily fascinated with the psychology of people and their humanity. When it comes to making art, she enjoys working in an abstract mode. “This abstraction process allows the viewer to see more the longer they look,” she explains. During her free time she enjoys researching historical and contemporary art, biking and going on walks. She currently lives in California. Fun fact: she loves animals and once brought back a small abandoned kitten from Mexico.

En Pointe
60" x 36" , oil painting

Ohlone Girl
60" x 48" , oil painting

Buddha Within
60" x 36" , oil painting

Santa Cruz Boardwalk
36" x 72" , oil painting

60" x 36" , mixed media artwork

Downtown San Jose
48" x 60" , oil painting

Rachel in Checked Blouse
48" x 36" , oil painting

36" x 60" , oil painting

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