Kent Sullivan
Orlando, Florida

There are more places Kent Sullivan would like to paint than he ever will be able. Employing many of the Hudson River School methods in his landscapes, Kent captures the ephemeral interactions of clouds, sun and earth with his delicate use of color and gesture. His work is published in two prominent books: "Art of the National Parks" and "Picturing Florida." He has lectured at museums and been sought after by many large corporations. “Several years ago I had the incredible fortune of being part of the NASA art program. Five paintings are now part of the Smithsonian Collection. At one gathering at the Kennedy Space Center, Leonard Nimoy came up and asked me for my autograph!”

Brilliant Wave
16" x 20" , oil painting

Everglades Dusk
16" x 23" , oil painting

Lamp Posts
16" x 20" , oil painting

Florida Palms
20" x 16" , oil painting

Fairlight England
7.75" x 12" , oil painting

Bryce Canyon
11.5" x 14" , oil painting

High Plains Storm
16" x 20" , oil painting

Calm Waters
20" x 16" , oil painting

Florida Keys
16" x 20" , oil painting

Swirling Waters
11" x 14" , oil painting

Sunset on the Lake
16" x 20" , oil painting

Bleak Twigs River
12" x 15" , oil painting

12" x 17.5" , oil painting

12" x 24" , oil painting

Blue Springs
16" x 20" , oil painting

Hilton Head Island
20" x 16" , oil painting

Canyon Wall
18" x 24" , oil painting

Blue Ocean
12" x 20" , oil painting

Velvet Tree
16" x 20" , oil painting

Los Padres, California
24" x 30" , oil painting

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Gap of Dunlow
24" x 24" , oil painting

Live Oak Canyon
24" x 36" , oil painting

Horseshoe Creek
18" x 24" , oil painting

Laguna Shore
20" x 16" , oil painting

Black Canyon of the Gunnison
12" x 17" , oil painting

Falls at Yosemite
20" x 16" , oil painting

Stillwater Shallows
16" x 20" , oil painting

Under the Pier
16" x 20" , oil painting

Artist and Customer Comments

Kent Sullivan 3/9/2017 | 2:35 PM

Woman in Gold Movies billed as “A true story” are rarely found. “Based on a true story” means the movie takes pretty big artistic license. “Inspired by a true story” means the story has no affinity to reality whatsoever. So when I decided to watch the movie Woman In Gold which is based on a true story I watched it with some skepticism. I was pleasantly surprised by the authenticity of the movie. David Ferguson gave it a review that sums it up pretty well: “Helen Mirren portrays Maria Altmann, who emigrated to the United States by fleeing her Austrian homeland during World War II, and leaving behind her beloved family and all possessions. After the death of her sister, Ms. Altmann becomes aware of the family artwork stolen by the Nazi's during the invasion. This is not just any artwork, but multiple pieces from famed Austrian artist Gustav Klimt … including "Portrait of Adele Bloch-Bauer". See, Adele was Maria's aunt, and the stunning piece (with gold leaf accents) has become "the Mona Lisa of Austria", while hanging for decades in the state gallery. The story revolves around Maria's partnering with family friend and upstart attorney Randol Schoenberg (Ryan Reynolds) to take on the nation of Austria and reclaim the (extremely valuable) artwork that was seized illegally so many years ago. They are aided in their mission by an Austrian journalist (played by Daniel Bruhl) who is fighting his own demons. The seven-plus year legal saga is condensed for the big screen and we follow Maria and Randol as they meet with the Austrian art reclamation committee, a federal judge (played by the director's wife Elizabeth McGovern), the U.S. Supreme Court (Jonathan Pryce as Chief Justice), and finally a mediation committee back in Austria. But this is not really a courtroom drama … it's a personal quest for justice and search for identity. What role does family roots and history play in determining who we are today? It's the age old question of past vs. present, only this is s

Kent Sullivan 7/28/2016 | 2:37 PM

Thanks for your very kind remarks. I love hearing that you will enjoy it for years to come. It does my heart good!

commentsBlack Canyon of the Gunnison
M Sobko purchased this artwork. 7/28/2016 | 1:23 PM

The painting was purchased because of its colors, the theme and Mr. Sullivan's profile. Mr. Sullivan thank you for this beautiful artwork which will be enjoyed by the family for years to come. The promptness in shipping this art work to me is appreciated. MS

K Harrison 7/20/2016 | 9:35 AM

I purchased Still Water Shadows. I just completed getting it framed and it looks lovely in my living room. Every time I look at it, it reminds of growing up in upstate New York. Thanks.

commentsCanyon Wall
P Villalobos 3/24/2016 | 3:52 AM

It's the purples in the landscape of nature that I have to get ahold of.