Kathleen Cammarata San Miguel de Allende, Mexico


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    Artist Statement

    My paintings are imaginary worlds subject to growth, change, explosion and rebirth. These worlds are moving, morphing, fluctuating; the landscapes having meaning beyond their familiar physical identity. The sky and ground intermingle. The forms are robust as well as sensual, rotund as well as elongated. The surface is heavily textured and the light source is invented. Imagined fluids are fermenting and releasing in pockets indicating a life below the surface. Traveling lines move through the compositions on unrequited journeys.

    My drawings have a similar essence. The paper is embossed, rubbed, punctured and erased. In the abstract drawings, entities enter the picture plane from three sides. The middle ground begs the question: Will these elements join or collide?

    The figurative drawings are invented. I have a series called "Body Fictions" which explores the female body in a non-classical manner. Often the material is mixed with traditional pencil drawing.

    Artist Background

    Montclair State University
    Bachelor of Arts, 1971

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