Johnson Folahanmi Okota, Nigeria


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    Artist Statement

    My creative works include drawing, newspaper and oil colors painting on paper. I started drawing cartoon and object composition at the age of eight and developed my art skills with practice and consistency. I worked on portraiture arts and paintings with the use of posture colors over the years and recently, I was able to identify art from another point of view. I was a able to identify this art style after being inspired by the attributes of cooperations in a society, so I make use of newspapers, pencils drawing and oil colors to show the different possible use of these efficient materials but bring them together to create an artwork. I start by drawing and shading, using various shading of pencils, from HB pencil to Charcoal pencil. I try to free up myself to create and focus on what I want to achieve and then using scissors or a razor to cut Newspapers and other materials into forms. I am inspired to use a Newspaper because News are all about story untold which need to be heard and cutting it into the form to interpret my stories which need to be heard. Oil colors represent beauty functionality. I mix various materials of art to interpret cooperation and to identify uniqueness of the art to be told. Also i try to express my inner feelings in my artworks, society related and struggles of life, and giving hope to people. Art over the years has just a means of expression to various societies, so I try to express art with the use of various materials depending on my inspiration and thoughts at the moment. My intentions are to share my story and get my work sold out to to various continents and giving people reasons to value and appreciate art in various society.

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