Javier Ortas Madrid, Spain


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    Artist Statement

    I create pictures without models, only from my imagination. I work on my own in front of empty paper without external reference, only with my own artistic impulse and inspiration. I invent and create scenes, characters and elements from my inner world. The result is art with a unique style, defined, genuine and different.

    I was born in Madrid, where I currently live. For many years, I lived in Los Angeles, California and in the capital of Mexico. In spite of my urban conditioning, I am passionate about nature and value the tranquility and coexistence of towns and small cities.

    This passion for the essential and pure, both in nature and in my vision of human beings, is perceived in my works and gives them a universal sense. My themes are diverse and dynamic; I do not allow myself to be limited, and although everything can happen in my compositions, I usually choose the beautiful to rebel against the prevailing chaos today.

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