Jan Fontecchio Perley
Moscow, Idaho

Jan’s lifelong passion for animals and art have collided in the images she paints. Her Western subject matter is executed with an impressionistic realism, generally using a limited color palette. Jan captures the essence of her subjects in the details, whether it be the playful visage of a cow or the delicate feathers of a colorful bird. Her paintings embody a genuinely jovial exuberance. Often working on two pieces simultaneously, Jan paints from a small studio in her home in Idaho, where she also enjoys spending time with her teenage children.
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Lonely Bull
18" x 18" , oil painting

Whether I Need It or Not
20" x 20" , oil painting

Black Faced Sheep, Devon
12" x 16" , oil painting

12" x 12" , oil painting

You Lookin' at Me?
22.75" x 22.75" , oil painting

Magic Jack
16" x 16" , oil painting

Sharing a Tweet
20" x 20" , oil painting

Barn Owl Blues
14" x 11" , oil painting

Monet Cows
12" x 24" , oil painting

Waterfall and Waxwings
9" x 12" , oil painting

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