Gail Ragains Redwood City, California


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    Artist Statement

    I approach each creative process as an open ended improvisation, an evolving journey without preconceived plans for a predictable outcome. Beginning with the structure of the figure or landscape I intuitively react to the materials at hand, stripping away the non-essentials to give a loose interpretation of form, movement, and human expression. I look for the abstract shapes. I take risks with the use of compelling colors, bold and gestural brush stokes, and breaking rules along the way. The figure has always been dominant in my years of making art, inspired by the physical gestures and emotions of people. I mainly work in acrylics and mixed media, but I always like to mix it up with new materials and techniques to keep it fresh. If I were to enforce a rule, it would be to engage the element of risk and create outside my comfort zone whenever I enter my studio. Having lived in California my entire life, I am influenced by the California colors, the golden hills and clear blue skies, the swimsuits and swimming pools.

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