Elizabeth Rickert Santa Fe, New Mexico


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    Artist Statement

    I have been a professional artist for 50 years and see my life through that lens. Travel has always been important for my art. I saw a flight of butterflies in Georgia, flax plants in California, marshes in Massachusetts and then in Mexico, I met the Three Sisters... corn, beans, and squash, the combination which has nourished people for thousands of years. I never painted a fish until I encountered one in a koi pond. I have painted flowers in all stages of their lives. All of these experiences evolved into series of paintings. I have been fortunate to find museums, galleries, artist residencies, and collectors who have supported my work. Stylistically I love going into deep, dark places as much as I love being bathed in white light. I find great sensual power in both. I started as a sculptor and worked in ceramics, followed by pastels, and now oils. Even now as a painter, I approach nature with a sculptor's eye- seeing the way shapes and forms and light and darkness interact. I am in awe of nature, and express my love with a brush, canvas, eye and heart.

    Artist Background

    Towson University
    Bachelor of Arts, 1968

    Towson University

    Bachelor of Arts, 1968

    Hear What Collectors Say About Elizabeth's Work

    Elizabeth Rickert 4/29/2020 | 11:21 AM

    I am excited to be an artist with UGallery. I have been painting for almost 50 years and have developed several different series, many of which are displayed here. I hope you enjoy looking. Elizabeth


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