Doug Cosbie Ottawa, Canada


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    Artist Statement

    Much of my art is made en plein air, works made on location. These on-site renderings capture the vibrancy, the look and feel of that time and place so difficult to achieve in a studio. While these outdoor paintings are finished works in their own right, many are later used as reference for larger studio canvases. Working primarily in professional grade oils, this is well suited to the outdoors. With a higher pigment count than other mediums, it produces rich and luminous colors resulting in amazingly vibrant paintings.

    My education includes the Winnipeg School of Art and the Vancouver School of Art (now known as the Emily Carr Institute of Art and Design), and a brief stint in the art department of Canada’s largest advertising firm, Maclaren, during advertising’s golden age when many now iconic campaigns were launched. My journey as an artist also includes being apprenticed in the studios of Sam Black and Jack Shabolt. Their inspiration was the vast volume of work, ongoing transformation of how they perceived making art, yet maintaining a distinct style. This mentorship lead to meeting other painters, some of whom were considered landscape genre masters despite being primarily commercial artists to pay their bills. The difference was that their fine art was the contemporary artwork they liked to make as their self-expression. I share this aim and my intention to make art people can relate to; that are also contemporary works in a distinctive and recognizable style. After many years showing my work in traditional “bricks and mortar” galleries, the next phase of my journey is connecting to the wider virtual gallery audience that UGallery provides.

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    Doug Cosbie 2/25/2020 | 10:53 AM

    Welcome to my 1st Blog Today I’m studio deskbound rummaging through countless crannies for receipts, mostly paid bills and sales to figure how much will be left after paying the taxman. Turns out I’m either mathematically challenged or the good news is that it’s not as bad as I thought. The other good news is that I’m thrilled to start my UGallery blog and share with customers and artists as I continue my creative journey. Why I’m eager (and I hope you will be too) about my blog? It’s a great way as an artist to connect and receive feedback. The reality is that, despite the freedom of choosing when and what your job requires, combining business travel and pleasure, interesting places, situations and bumping into remarkable people, you really work in isolation. Because of this, painters will tell you that feedback creates the critical discussion that is indispensable to being imaginative when creating art. Not everybody? There are artists that detest the thought of feedback. They figure if nobody says anything, or even better buys it, enough said. There are others who figure the worst enemy to creativity is this self-doubt. Hopefully without sounding like a stalker, I’ll tell you a secret. Back in the brick and motor gallery exhibitions (and I’ve had lots of them) I move close behind viewers of my work and listen in on their comments. Not always a fun experience, however for every “my kid could paint that” there were truly insightful comments. To me, this meant I achieved something distinctive. I.e. a painting that someone related to; and why. Please check in I’ll keep this blog active and informative with insight into my art and the passage along the way. Thank you for checking in and good luck building your collection of original fine art. Doug.


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