Tobias Tovera
Oakland, California

Tobias is motivated and inspired by the landscape of the San Francisco Bay Area. “I love the richness and diversity of our culture here and I am drawn to the landscape in Northern California,” says Tobias. “We have access to natural hot springs, beautiful mountains and estuaries to name just a few.” His series “Uncharted Terrain” is created through experimentation with map-imaging, printing, and mark-making using salt, mineral, water, and fire. The compositions are derived from concepts of geological formation and topography found in Google Earth satellite images.
Discover Original Art by Tobias  Tovera | Florida Keys I mixed media artwork | Art for Sale Online at UGallery

Florida Keys I
24" x 48" , mixed media artwork

Salton Sea I
24" x 48" , mixed media artwork

Aswan Governorate
24" x 20" , mixed media artwork

Salton Sea III
24" x 18" , mixed media artwork

Tibetan Plateau I-II
36" x 72" , mixed media artwork

Zambales Mountains
30" x 20" , mixed media artwork

San Francisco South Bay Salt Pond
15" x 30" , mixed media artwork

Florida Keys II
12" x 24" , mixed media artwork

Inquire or Comment about Tobias 's Work

Tobias Tovera 3/27/2018 | 7:12 PM

Hello Denise, thank you for the message, the paintings shown here at UGallery are all that is left in the series. There were four other pieces that sold, one of which was of the San Francisco bay. You are welcome to schedule a commissioned painting if there is a particular site/location, size, palette, and or composition for a project. Let me know if you have more questions. Cheers, Tobias

commentsTibetan Plateau I-II
D Coane 3/27/2018 | 12:25 PM

Hello Tobias - Any other work from the Califorina Coast? Denise Moraga