Tatyana Fogarty Fair Oaks, California


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    Artist Statement

    I am inspired by the way light shapes the landscape, and I strive to capture it on canvas. I often paint en plein air (on location), which allows me to use all my senses to interpret a scene in front of me with a sense of immediacy and honesty. I choose to paint in oils, because I love their robust quality of bright, luminous colors, which are easily blendable and capable of retaining texture and showing brushstrokes. My favorite starting point for landscape painting is the golden light of late afternoon, known as the “magic hour,” which creates the most intriguing effects by merging captivating shadow patterns and warm, luminous color of the setting sun. Painting is visual music for me. Each of my brushstrokes is infused with its own kind of melody. My hope is that viewers will hear the sounds and rhythms of that music as they look at my work, and it will generate the same emotions that I had when painting the piece.


    Southwest Art MagazineProfile of Emerging Artist Tatyana Fogarty

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