Susan Washington
East Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania

Susan is a full-time artist with a professional background in fashion, which she expresses in her mixed media abstract paintings through the inclusion of textiles and vintage dressmaking patterns. The artworks have the appearance of flat paintings from a distance, but up close, the various layers and textures reveal themselves. Susan often becomes inspired by older examples of her own work, and aims to deconstruct them into new compositions, which generally show influences of Modernism and Cubism in muted yet thoughtful color palettes. She believes that determination and hard work are the keys to making great art–something she learned from her husband, who is also an artist and her greatest mentor.

Composition No. 2
30" x 40" , mixed media artwork

Ghetto Matrix No. 2
48" x 36" , other media

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Lenox Hill
40" x 30" , mixed media artwork

Composition No. 12
36" x 48" , mixed media artwork

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