Stephen Wysocki
Armstrong Creek, Wisconsin

Stephen Wysocki uses acrylics and oils to paint what catches his eye. He currently lives in Wisconsin and finds inspiration in the work of Rothko. His outdoor scenes oftentimes show an impressionistic influence. Fun fact: he recently attended a plein air event in Grand Marais, Minnesota and hopes to attend another major one in the near future.

Winter Weary
6" x 6" , oil painting

Winter Bull with Out Buildings
6" x 6" , oil painting

18" x 18" , oil painting

Winter Poplars
12" x 16" , oil painting

Buffalo Color
12" x 12" , oil painting

Buffalo Full of Color
6" x 6" , oil painting

Child of the Prairie
12" x 12" , oil painting

VW Red Bus
6" x 6" , oil painting

Not in Use
12" x 16" , acrylic painting

Out of Towner
9" x 12" , acrylic painting

Deep in Thought
12" x 16" , acrylic painting

Orchard Study #1
9" x 12" , acrylic painting

Fish Creek Retirement
6" x 6" , acrylic painting

Partly Cloudy
6" x 6" , acrylic painting

The Shape of Color
24" x 48" , acrylic painting

1965 Airstream
11" x 14" , acrylic painting

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Stephen Wysocki 3/3/2015 | 3:04 PM

Planning a trip to the Lighthouse Art Center Plein Air event in Tequesta FL march 3-12 to 3-16.

K Sermersheim 5/31/2014 | 10:48 PM

these are so beautiful.. I especially love that they are "accurate" but dreamy at the same time

Stephen Wysocki 9/19/2013 | 8:43 PM

I just got back from Grand Marais MN Plein Air event. I painted from Tuesday to Thursday painted 10. I entered 4 paintings in the show and competition. Sold one at the show.

Stephen Wysocki 4/14/2013 | 8:49 AM

Thank you, C Sage. I dont always paint cars but when I do I like them colorful. I will have to add a few colorful paintings that are not vehicles. Take Care.

C Sage 4/9/2013 | 4:50 PM

I just love way you choose to use your colors! Not a big truck fan but could learn to love them through your creativity.

Stephen Wysocki 3/4/2013 | 5:18 PM

I recently received a meritorious nod for my painting "Yellowstone Geyser Flower" aka "Yellow Monkey Flower" in the Richeson "Still life and Floral "competition.

Stephen Wysocki 10/14/2012 | 8:00 PM

Added a few more paintings I hope they are liked.

Stephen Wysocki 10/10/2012 | 7:53 PM

Just uploaded 3 new paintings onto Ugallery. Sorry it took so long. I have more but I will add a few at a time.

d. kepler 7/5/2012 | 6:28 PM

wonderful work! i m sure you know that though. d. kepler

Stephen Wysocki 4/30/2012 | 1:34 PM

Thank you M Harris for your kind words. I have a new crop of images I am planning to put on soon. I just need some time to take photos of everything.

M Harris 4/29/2012 | 9:32 PM

Looking forward to seeing more of your work. I posted "Remnants" on my Pinterest Board called "Affordable Art for the Home." It is lovely.

Stephen Wysocki 2/26/2012 | 8:47 PM

I am now in a new gallery in Iron Mountain, MI. "ArtWorks" Brought 8 paintings up there yesterday.

Stephen Wysocki 2/9/2012 | 8:51 PM

Wow, sold my first piece on U gallery. Thanks who ever. Planning big three days of painting with old UWGB gang.

Stephen Wysocki 2/3/2012 | 1:38 PM

Working on a painting for the show "Birds in Art" in Wausau WI. I started on a swan painting last night. Need to apply by April.

Stephen Wysocki 1/30/2012 | 4:57 PM

It can be difficult to find time to paint when everything else comes before painting. This last weekend I was very busy trying to be a dad. I was able to bring my painting gear to an ice fishing shak. I got 3 painted in the 5 hours we were on the ice, kept 2 of them. Kids also caught some fish.

Stephen Wysocki 1/24/2012 | 8:22 PM

I did sell a painting at the award night in Door County WI at the PSA. It has been a slow start to this week. I painted a little after work but needed to stop to put my son to bed. Hope to paint more this evening. I did clean up my studio for the company on Feb 11th for the UWGB painting weekend.

Stephen Wysocki 1/20/2012 | 1:01 PM

Well I like to paint every day, but this week did not work out so well. 2 nights out of 4 so far. On Febuary 11 plans are in the works for a painting weekend at my studio with "the gang" from UWGB. One friend is flying in from Detroit. It should be fun. Going to an art show "closing" in Fish Creek this weekend at the PSA.

Stephen Wysocki 1/12/2012 | 4:34 PM

Well I got 5 entries done and more paintings to come. I am excited to try to sell on U gallery.