Sokratis Evgenidis
Patras, Greece

Sokratis Evgenidis is an artist from Patras, Greece who creates oil paintings of boats and Greek islands in an impressionist style. He is inspired by the sunlight and the shades of blue that are emblematic of Greek architecture. Sokratis begins his work by taking photographs of everyday scenes on Greek islands. Then he returns to his studio where he uses paintbrushes, palette knives, and even his own fingers to apply the oil paint onto his canvases. His painting studio is in a ground-floor space overlooking a garden. Sokratis listens to Jazz music with a Latin twist to inspire creativity as he works. His color palette and brushwork recall the work of impressionist masters Mary Cassatt and Edmund Charles Tarbell. Starting at the age of 24, Sokratis studied for two years under Dimitris Mitaras, –the influential Greek contemporary painter and Dean of the Athens School of Fine Arts.

Kokoni's Rock, Arkoudi Beach
33" x 41" , oil painting

Kafkalida, Killini
35" x 42" , oil painting

Relaxation, Fishing Trawl
19" x 39" , oil painting

Unknown Greece
17" x 48" , oil painting

Small Cyclades
39" x 43" , oil painting

Sithonia Halkidiki
16" x 43" , oil painting

Lakoniki Mani
17" x 47" , oil painting

19" x 51" , oil painting

Arqudi Fish Village
28" x 51" , oil painting

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