Seung Yim
duluth, Georgia

Charged with emotion and high-contrast palettes, Seung’s realist paintings exude poignant drama. He begins each piece by identifying an idea or emotion he wants to portray. Seung then conveys that sentiment through the facial expressions and body language of his figures. Feelings of depression, disengagement, and hopelessness are conveyed with strength and beauty through the rendering of each subject. “I strive to shine light on the tragic beauties of life,” says Seung. By doing so, he captures powerful notions of the human condition.
Discover Original Art by Seung Yim | Funeral for One oil painting | Art for Sale Online at UGallery

Funeral for One
16" x 17" , oil painting

Unknown Artist
18" x 22" , oil painting

22" x 32" , oil painting

35" x 28" , oil painting

Discover Original Art by Seung Yim | Toska oil painting | Art for Sale Online at UGallery

36" x 36" , oil painting

24" x 29" , oil painting

30" x 32" , oil painting

32" x 16" , oil painting

12" x 19" , oil painting

Night Creatures
26" x 42" , oil painting

A Quiet Evening
18" x 25" , oil painting

20" x 34" , oil painting

A Moment
20" x 18" , oil painting

Back to Blue
16" x 17" , oil painting

24" x 26" , oil painting

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Seung Yim 9/13/2017 | 7:49 PM

I am very happy to hear that you guys are enjoying the piece. "Anonymous" is one of the few experimental pieces that I was happy with its execution. Thank you Again, Mr. and Mrs. Martinson for being a patron. please keep a look out for my new works, I would love your feedback on them!

D Martinson 9/13/2017 | 12:18 PM

My husband and I are so thrilled to become owners of your painting "Anonymous." Your subject is so intriguing -- a surreal modern figure to contemplate along with some evocative tributes to the "Old Masters" -- just love, love this beautiful piece. Again, could not be happier and wishing you every happiness as you continue to pursue your amazing talent, thank you.

Seung Yim 7/26/2017 | 9:23 AM

Thank you so much for your kind words, I am still learning myself and trying to develop my style further. I am 100% positive you will achieve anything that you put your mind to. Just keep swimming I always say. I look forward to seeing your work in near future!

D. Combs 7/25/2017 | 8:47 PM

Beautifully painted and incredibly sad.

commentsA Moment
D. Combs 7/25/2017 | 8:45 PM

Your new work titled "A Moment" is stunning. Works like these, realistic depictions of people painted with style and sensitivity is exactly the kind of art I yearn to call my own. Someday. Your work is beautiful and I so appreciate your talent.

S Hyong 6/28/2017 | 4:06 PM

This painting is amazing. It's definitely my favorite among your pieces so far!