Serge Serum
Lynwood, California

Serge Serum is a young emerging artist from the Los Angeles area. His oeuvre is a combination of expressionistic painting and photography, both of which are focused on portraiture. Simultaneously through two discrete mediums, Serge creates a narrative that speaks to youth, anxiety, and otherness. He paints emotionally. Using chaotic brushwork to convey anxiety and excitement, Serge translates feelings from his own subconscious into his subjects. “My process includes playing dress up with my subjects and creating obscure scenes that tell a story,” he says. Serge’s subjects are nearly always people he knows or have met; he is inspired by club kids, the queer nightlife scene, and his own friends.

Saka Out
photography , starting at $145

photography , starting at $145

photography , starting at $145

11" x 8.5" , mixed media artwork

40" x 30" , mixed media artwork

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