Safae Mounsif
Montreal, Canada

Safae Mounsif was born in Casablanca, Morocco and studied architecture in France. For Safae, an interest in architecture has led to a fixation with the modern urban environment, which is the primary focus in her contemporary paintings. She selects subjects that are unglamorous and perhaps don’t easily fit into society–prostitutes, loners, blue collar workers, city kids. Safae’s depictions of these individuals are vivid and emotional. By tightly cropping her compositions, the viewer is compelled to interact with characters and situations that one might normally avoid. The result is a series of engaging portraits that bring life to urban characters and encourages the viewer to consider the individual’s circumstances.

The Call
30" x 24" , oil painting

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28" x 22" , mixed media artwork

24" x 18" , oil painting

24" x 18" , oil painting

Subway Thoughts
30" x 24" , mixed media artwork

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